How to enjoy the winter of Kyoto?2014.01.01

It is said that the best season of Kyoto is spring and autumn. Because Kyoto is famous for its cherry-blossom and red leaves.
However, there are many special things in winter.

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1. You can enjoy typically Kyoto weather
The weather of kyoto in winter is called “sokobie,” penetrating cold. Kyoto is not a northern district. However, Kyoto’s winter is awesomely cold. The cold weather is not the pleasure, but people in Kyoto are almost proud of it. The commanding atmosphere of cold winter makes street, shrines and temple of Kyoto solemner.

2. You can enjoy the limited-time products served only in winter
Some of tsukemono, Japanese pickled vegetables are the limited-time products
served only in winter. There are very popular tsukemono served only in winter of Kyoto, Senmaiduke and Suguki. Those are nationally popular tsukemono (as the tsukemono of Kyoto). If you want to know the taste of Japan and Kyoto, you should try it!

3. You can enjoy Japanese style New Year.
If you visit Kyoto in winter, you can enjoy one of the most important event of Japan in typically Japanese style. The New Year!
Japanese people greet the New Year with special delicacy called “Osechi.” At the end of the year, people in Kyoto rush for Nishiki Food Market, the famous food market of Kyoto. Preparing delicacy for the New Year is exciting. I’m sure you have a good time by just window-gazing.


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