What is the Christmas for Japanese people?2013.12.25

The propotion of Christian to Japanese people is just 1% ( it is the total of Catholic, Protestant and the Orthodox Greek Church). So, for most Japanese people, Christmas has no religious meaning. However, Christmas is quite meaningful for Japanese people.
Today, we introduce you about Japanese Christmas!


Photo by hazuijunpei

1. For little children and family
Little children in Japan believe Santa Claus. They waiting for him and his present. Parents and grandparents give children some Christmas present.
Family prepare Christmas dinner with Christmas cake. It is very special and happy event of winter, as at Christian nations.
However, Japanese people (of course, except the 1% Christians) don’t need any church nor sermon.

2. For lovers and young people
It is no exaggeration to say that Christmas is the most important event for lovers in Japan. They are not Christians, however, Christmas is the golden opportunity to strengthen love for them. They will reserve special dinner for Christmas, prepare romantic presents for each other.
Christmas is so popular event for lovers in Japan, that enough to get depressed the young people who don’t have a girl / boyfriend.

3. For the business world
Japanese people spend money for Christmas dinner, present and date. So it is a special event even for the business world. Sales on “Christmas business” is quite important for toy shops, patisserie, restaurants, wedding halls and so on.
They decorate their shops with Christmas illuminations, produce goods of limited edition for Christmas.
Actually, the entire shopping district enveloped in splendid atmosphere of Christmas.


Photo by yto

However, it will disapears in a night.
Surprisingly, in Decenber 26, there are no vestige of Christmas business. The stores disprey products for the New Year.
If you are in Japan at this season, you will really understand that Japanese is hardworking people.


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