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It is well known fact that the Japanese eat rice everyday and lots! Some of them eat rice for whole day’s meal like from breakfast to dinner.

Normally, we eat rice as itself with other side dishes. Something like vegetables and miso(soybean past) soup and meats or fish.
However, there are many other ways to enjoy the rice in Japan.

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Most common and beloved way of eating rice in Japan is “onigiri”.
It is kind of rice ball and normally we make them with steamed rice and salt and seaweed.
There’s no special secret or skills to make this “onigiri” and the rice we use to make it can be any rice. Means it’s no need to freshly cooked rice.
Also how to cook “onigiri” is so simple.
First, you just put some salts on one of your palm and rub together so that salt spread through both of your hands.
Then you put some steamed rice on your salty palm and make triangular shape or oval or whatever the shape you like with gentle squeeze.
After you shaped those steamed rice, you put some seaweed on to finish.

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It looks to be ordinary rice like any other, but actually it is so delicious!!
I don’t know why but it is true.
It is so popular amongst men and women of all ages and is the same now as it was back then in Japan.
You can even buy many kinds of flavored “onigiri” in the store in Japan nowadays so you should definitely try them when you visit Japan. You will be amazed!

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There is just so much else ways to enjoy the rice in Japan.
For example, “temaki-sushi” or “donburi” or “zousui “ or “takikomi-gohan”.
I think “temaki-sushi” (sushi roll or maki) is well known Japanese food for worldwide now as well as “sashimi”(row fish) and “miso soup”.
However if you come to Japan, you will find out the difference between traditional “temaki-sushi” and the one which you have ever eaten in other country before.
Ingredient, texture, smells, tastes are all so much different!

“donburi” is a dish which sort of all-in-one food.
When you have “donburi” you don’t need any side dish because it will come with everything in one bowl.
Chicken or pork cutlet with eggs, eels, stewed beef with onions, vegetable tepura with sweet soy sauce and so on.
Many kinds of side dishes are on top of the rice in the bowl. It is really tasty and convenient as well.
Some of those “donburi” is considered as a Japanese style fast food nowadays and many people prefer to eat “donburi” as a quick lunch rather than eat humbugger or pizza.

“Zousui” and “takikomi-gohan” are really popular as a family dishes.
Both of those dishes are made with rice and many kinds of vegetables and fish or chicken and even pork sometimes.
Just one difference between them is how to cook.
“Zousui” is stewed with ingredients but “takikomi-gohan” is steamed.
So needless to say, even if we used perfectly same ingredients to cook for both, it will be totally different dishes will made but of course they are both delicious and healthy.

So now you know about various ways of enjoying our rice in Japan in detail.
When you come to Japan, you can enjoy the rice so much better than ever before!

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