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As Japanese, we love to eat “miso-soup”.
Most of us eat “miso-soup” at least once at a day. It is not only because we love those taste. We know it is good for our health too.

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“Miso” is made of bean and some of them are made of rice as well and there are so many kinds of “miso” in Japan.
Some of them are deep red colored and some of them are light brown or deep brown.
Also there are sweet one and salty one.
However “miso-soup” is not the only way to use “miso “on our country.
We use them for making other dishes as well. And what’s more, it is so convenient ingredient to make something ordinary to extraordinary!

For example, when you stir fry some meats and vegetables you probably add some salt and pepper for a taste or you add any sauce or stocks even.
I am sure that you can finish those stir fry tasty enough doing like that but if you add little bit of “miso “ instead of salt and pepper, those taste will be changed dramatically!
However “miso” has a really strong taste so do not add too many at once.
If you do, whatever the dish you making will be too salty. So you need to be careful about that.

You can add “miso” to almost any stir fry you make. Even among those it is gets along really well with pork and chicken and any whitefish and eggplant or capsicum.
You can just stir fry whatever you like normally and add little bit of “miso” and some sugar and cooking wine or water with it. And keep stir until all “miso” dissolve well.

Other than that, there are few more ideas to use “miso”.
You can make some noodles or fried rice with it and also you can cook “miso” it’s self.
We called that “abura-miso” which means stir fried miso.
It is just stir fried “miso” with oil and garlic and ginger really well and it can be eaten simply with steamed rice or you can use as a “yakumi” which means some spice or seasoning for many kinds of dishes.

Anyway, if you want to try to make famous “miso-soup” at home, you should have a fish stock for a better taste but if you don’t, you can use bacon instead.
Put fish stock or bacon in the deep pan or pot with water and when it’s starts boiling, put bite-sized tofu(bean curd) and seaweed if you like. Then after boiling couple minutes turn off the heat and add “miso” little by little. At this point, you need make sure all “miso” is dissolved completely with gentle stir.

misoPhoto by naotakem

There are many kinds of retort “miso-soup” in Japan and they are reasonable price and taste good too!
You can buy them almost any store in Japan so please try them when you get a chance!

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