[Tokyo]Meguro Gajoen – Feel the spirit of “Spirited Away”2013.10.15

Meguro Gajoen was built in 1931 as a traditional Japanese restaurant and has developed as the first wedding complex in Japan.
It has now developed as a multipurpose community space featuring the exquisite decor and garden. Meguro Gajoen is also famous as it has been modelled on the bathhouse in the movie “Spirited Away”.

Meguro GajoenPhoto by ptrktn

If you have seen the movie “Spirited Away”, you are familiar with the colourful bathhouse that Sen worked. You will feel like you have just tripped in the movie by just walking around Meguro Gajoen. If you are lucky, you may be able to come across a Japanese wedding while you are visiting. A wedding in Japan is one of unique aspects of Japanese culture. You don’t need to have any specific belief to choose the style. If you like ‘”Western style”, you can have it at a chapel. If you like “Japanese style”, you can have it at a shrine. Meguro Gajoen can offer both style as well as a reception after the ceremony. It is very common to have these ‘all-in-one’ style wedding in Japan as the couple and guests do not need to move place to place.

Meguro GajoenPhoto by t.ohashi
Meguro GajoenPhoto by ktsugita

Meguro Gajoen is also known as a power spot in Tokyo. It is said that there is a energy that has power to heal you and give you inspiration around the artificial waterfall that you can see from the cafe lounge. Even though you are not spiritual, it is impossible to be inspired by the beautiful decor and scenery of Meguro Gaijoen.

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