Torii, the beautiful gate of Japanese shrine2013.10.10

Do you know Torii?
If you don’t know the word “Torii,” you probably have seen it by some photos or videos.
Torii is the gate of Japanese shrine. In most case, it coloured vermilion, made by wood.
Torii coloured vermilion because the colour is thought to expressing elan vital from old times in Japan.

ToriiPhoto by Norio.NAKAYAMA
ToriiPhoto by Focx Photography
ToriiPhoto by mossygajud

One of the most famous Torii in Japan is the Thousand Toriis of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine.
It called “Tousand,” and actualluy there are about a thousand Toriis.
Ranging Toriis are beautiful, romantic. and spiritual view.

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