[Kintai kyo], Wooden arch bridge in Yamaguchi2013.10.09

Kintai-kyo is a wooden arch bridge in Iwakuni city, Yamaguchi prefecture. The dimension is 193m (L) x 5m (W). This bridge is composed five wooden bridge and three middle spans are shaped in arch. It was built in 1673 and is considered as one of three beautiful bridges in Japan. This is a good tourist place at any time in year. You can enjoy with the cherry blossom in spring and red leaves in fall.

Kintai kyoPhoto by d’n’c
Kintai kyoPhoto by variationblogr
Kintai kyoPhoto by d’n’c

Why don’t you visit this place to see the beautiful views from the bridge and outside of the bridge? You can refresh yourself and feel the nature.

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