“Mizutaki”, one of the Japanese nabe-ryori2013.10.04

“Mizutaki” is a one of Japanese food (Nabe-ryori) that is more often eaten in winter. You put chicken or vegetables with water in a big pot which is usually surrounded by family or friends, and eat with ponzu(citrus flavor) or goma sauce (sesame flavor). Mizutaki is characterized by a recipe and used special ingredients by areas. Some put pork, mushroom, cabbages, tofu, and so on. You put udon (noodles) or rice in the rest of soup at the end.

MizutakiPhoto by veroyama
MizutakiPhoto by ryumu
MizutakiPhoto by [puamelia]

Why don’t you try to make your own Mizutaki and learn Japanese culture of food?


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