[Hokkaido]Mashu Lake, extremely clear and blue lake!2013.10.03

Mashu Lake is a lake in Hokkaido.
This is the second clearest lake of this world.

Mashu lake is famous about its clear water and fog.

The water is extremely clear, so that the lake seems absolute blue. This colour is very characteristic, so it is called “Blue of Mashu.”

To express beautiful scenery of Mashu Lake, we often call it “Mashu Lake with fog.” There is even a song named “Mashu Lake with fog,” sang by Japanese popular musician, Akira Fuse.

Mashu LakePhoto by jetalone
Mashu LakePhoto by jetalone
Mashu LakePhoto by jetalone

Deep fog covers Mashu Lake, and sometimes, the blue water apears through the breaks in the fog.
This is so amazing, beautiful and romantic view.

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