Chan chan yaki – A salmon dish that can be shared with family and friends.2013.09.25

Chan chan yaki is a popular regional food of Hokkaido, northern most island of Japan. It is a dish that salmon is cooked with lots of vegetables, such as onion, cabbage, bean shoot, carrot etc, on a hot plate and mixed together with miso based sauce. It is usually served as a big dish to share among family and friends.

It may be difficult to find chan chan yaki at a restaurant as it is usually cooked at home. There are many stories regarding the origin of the name, but one of them is that it came from a Japanese mimetic word “cha cha”, which expresses quick action because it is easy to cook. All you need is a large pan and you can serve as it is when it’s cooked. It goes well with rice as well as sake or beer.

Chan chan yakiPhoto by hm7hm7
Chan chan yakiPhoto by woinary

You can find a recipe on the Internet and the ingredients are not difficult to get from a local grocery store, this could be a main dish for your next Japanese theme party!

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