[Tokyo]Akibahara, the mecca for the lovers of Cool Japan2013.09.11

Akibahara is called ” Electric Town.” The town was famous for selling a large amount of electric goods.

AkibaharaPhoto by fukapon

There are many stores specializing in machine shop tools or electric parts.
And on the other hand, this town is a town of geek as well.
Akibahara is the birthplace of maid cafe. Maid cafe is the cafe where the waitresses dress like maids.

AkibaharaPhoto by Ari Helminen

The base theatre of most popular Japanese female idol group AKB48 is located in Akibahara.

AkibaharaPhoto by shinji_w

There are also many stores of anime and manga goods.
It is the mecca for the lovers of Cool Japan!

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