【Niigata】Sasakawanagare, a natural museum of the landscape2013.09.06

Sasakawanagare is the name of the seaside long stretched in Niigata.
This 11 km seaside is, so to speak, a natural museum. Because there are a lot of fantastically‐shaped rocks, remote and lonely islands and caves, so it never bores the spectators!
Sasakawanagare is a national place of scenic beauty and natural monument.

This wonderful place is made by Japan Sea.
Japan Sea is very rough sea, so the raging waves of Japan sea has scraped away the rock cliff of Sasakawanagare.

SasakawanagarePhoto by panna noriko

Of course, Japan sea is not always rough. You can sightseeing there by boat confortably. The water is extremely clear, sand is white, seagulls eat from your hand. Everything is picturesque in Sasakawanagare.

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