[Yamaguchi]Akiyoshido–the largest limestone cave of Japan2013.08.28

Akiyoshidai is the largest karst plateau in Japan, and Akiyoshido, which is located under Akiyoshidai, is the largest limestone cave of Japan.
There is description about Akiyoshido in an illustrated book which is written in Edo era (1862). It is said “There are 32 beautiful sceneries in Akiyoshido.”
We cannot expound those sceneries (detail of the sceneries don’t exist any longer), but there are many beautiful sceneries indeed.

AkiyoshidoPhoto by taylorandayumi
AkiyoshidoPhoto by tatakaba_jp
AkiyoshidoPhoto by woinary

Such as, golden pillar, blue ceiling. Those are places of great beauty enough to live up to those names.

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