[Hiroshima]Tomonoura, beautiful stage of the movies2013.08.19

Do you know Tomonoura, calm and beatiful harbor, which has been loved in Japan for a long time?

1. Where is it?

Tomonoura is the harbor and sorrounding of Fukuyama city of Hiroshima.
It is lying at inland sea of Japan, so the sea of Tomonoura is very calm, and the fishing industry is flourishing. Little islands are scattered abot the sea, and the islands are covered with the green of trees. This is a very Japanese, beautiful view.

TomonouraPhoto by masahiko

2. Who loved this spot?

Actually, so many people loved this site.
There are 8 poems about Tomonoura in Manyoushuu, Japanese very famous anthology of poems, which edited in 8th century.
This spot is designated as the national site of scenic beauty in 1925, and it is one of the oldest national park of Japan.
Many movie director loved this site as well.
The scene of the famous movie of Hayao Miyazaki “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” is laid in Tomonoura.
In this movie, beauty of the sea of Tomonoura has been drawn thoroughly.
It is also the stage of the latest American movie “The Wolverine,” the new work of X-Men series, which is released in july 2013.

TomonouraPhoto by masahiko

3. How to enjoy Tomonoura?

As we introduced above, Tomonoura has awesomely beautiful view and delicious seafood.
However, there are some more attractions in Tomonoura.
There are old rows of houses at the port town. It is the only city which the complete set of the harbor facilities of Edo era (1603?1868) are still remaining.
There are also the hot‐spring resort at Tomonoura. You can enjoy hot-spring as open‐air bath while gazing the romantic scene of Tomonoura.

TomonouraPhoto by puffyjet

Tomonoura is the scenic beauty which is loved by movie directors.
You can spend geat time with the view like setting of the great movies here!

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