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Today, we introduce you about Tokoname city.
This city is not so flamboyant, but it has simple attractions.
How can we enjoy this city?

TokonamePhoto by the.Firebottle

1. Enjoy the pottery!

Tokoname is a city of the pottery. The pottery of this city started in Heian era(794-1192). There is “Tokoname ware,” which made by red clay extracted from this area. Tokoname ware is one of the “Six Old Kilns of Japan.”
So you should enjoy the pottery in this city! There are many shops of pottery, from reasonable to high‐class. You can get dishes for daily use, special teapot which is a work of the living national treasure of Japan.

TokonamePhoto by mai ito

2. Enjoy the townscape!

As we introduced above, Tokoname is the city of the pottery.
So you can enjoy it even with townscape!
There are many kilns in this city, and the kilns make the great townscape. When you walking around the city, you will find old chimneys, arthenware pipes, pots. There are some streets which is paved with arthenware pipes.

TokonamePhoto by mai ito

3. Enjoy seafood!

Tokoname is the seaside town, so you can enjoy seafood!
You can enjoy Japanese style seafood, such as sashimi (sliced raw fish), himono (dried fish).
There are some restaurants and coffee shops which serve dishes with Tokoname ware.

If you want to enjoy the nice rural scenery of Japan, visiting Tokoname will be a great fun!

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