【Haiku】Japanese Famous Haiku written by Basho Matsuo2013.08.08

Shizukasa ya Iwa ni shimiiru Semi no koe
written by Basho Matsuo (1644-1694)

This place is silent.
In this silence, I can hear only the cicada’s song.
The cicada’s song sounds like soaking into the rock.
This sound is laud, however, it is felt like amplifying the silence.

Silece, we normally use the kanji “静” than “閑.” The kanji “閑” express more loneliness and desertedness than “静.”
Basho Matsuo

Actually, this haiku is written in Risshakuji, the place we introduced.
For deep understanding of this haiku, check our article about Risshakuji!


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