[Ibaraki]”Fukurodanotaki”, one of famous falls in Japan2013.08.05

Fukurodanotaki (Fukuroda Falls) are located in Daigo-cho, Ibaraki prefecture. Its dimension is 120m (H) x 73m (W) and it may freeze during the winter. It is one of three famous falls in Japan with Kegonnotaki and Nachinotaki. It is also called as “Yondo no taki” since it has four drops. However, there’s another story; Saigyo (Japanese famous poet) said that you won’t know how much beautiful the falls are at least you come this place once in each season.

FukurodanotakiPhoto by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)
FukurodanotakiPhoto by IbaGeo
FukurodanotakiPhoto by woinary

Since you can enjoy this place whenever you visit in any season, you can get fresh air to refresh yourself.

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