[Kyoto]How to enjoy one of the best season of Kyoto, early summer2013.07.29

Do you know that early summer is really nice season in Kyoto?
Today, we introduce you about the best 3 points of Kyoto in early summer!

1. Kawadoko
The best point of early summer in Kyoto is, the Kawadoko!
Kawadoko is the breeze-enjoying floor, which is built over a river. It is set very near the river, so you can put foot in the river. You can enjoy nice delicacy, splendid performance of Geisha and Maiko while listening murmuring of a stream.
It is the summer tradition of Kyoto. If you are luckey, you can enjoy Kawadoko with firefly and hydrangea!

KawadokoPhoto by by e_s_jp

2. Flowers
The 2nd best point of early summer Kyoto is the flowers.
The most popular flower in Japan is the cherry-blossom, and it blooms in spring. However, actually, there are so many Japanese flowers which bloom in early summer.
In early summer, many flowers of violet colour bloom. One of the most popular flower of early summer is hydrangea. There are many spot that famous with the hydrangea. For example, mimurotoji temple is called the temple of the hydrangea. There are 10,000
Blue flag and wisteria are also very popular violet colour flowers of early summer.

FireflyPhoto by cyber0515

3. Firefly
The 3rd best point of early summer Kyoto is the firefly.
The symbol of early summer of Japan is, the firefly.
Do you love to watch firefly in your country? In Japan, firefly is the symbol of early summer since one thousand or more years ago. Season of firefly is late May to mid-June. When you go to some famous Kyoto’s sight-seeing spot along a river, such as Tetsugakunomichi, Shimogamo-jinja shrine, Kifune, you can watch fireflies. They fly and flicker slowly at dusk. It is really romantic scenery!

FireflyPhoto by merec0

There are a lot of nature and devices of enjoying early summer in Kyoto.
When you come to Kyoto in early summer, don’t miss to enjoy those!

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