“Wagashi”Japanese summer confectionery makes you feel nice and cool2013.07.25

It is full midsummer in Japan. The very hot weather is continuing.
Fortunately, there are some Japanese confectioneries for summer, which make us feel nice and cool.
Each Japanese confectionery eaten approximately according to the season.

In summer, the confectionery of transparent to translucent colour and having elasticity is popular in most cases.
For example, Ayu is one of the most popular summer confectionery of Japan. Ayu is shaped as an ayu fish, wrap soft, translucent and sweet rice cake (this rice cake is almost the softer Turkish delight) with sponge cake.

WagashiPhoto by merec0
WagashiPhoto by merec0
WagashiPhoto by Conveyor belt sushi

soft adzuki-bean jelly, cold kudzu noodles and shaved ice are also the most popular summer confectioneries.

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