Hitsumabushi – Three different flavours in one dish.2013.07.23

Hitsumabushi is one of the popular Japanese food in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. It is a way of eating Unagi.

Hitsumabushi usually consists of a bowl of rice with grilled eel, a pot of dash (fish stock), some garnish such as spring onion and wasabi, and pickles. The feature of Hitsumabushi is that you get to enjoy it in three different ways. Let me introduce the traditional way of eating it. Firstly, divide the eel dish in to 4 sections and eat 1/4 part as it is. Secondly, add some garnish or spices as you like. Thirdly, pour some dash over the top.

HitsumabushiPhoto by zenjiro
HitsumabushiPhoto by yukop
HitsumabushiPhoto by woinary

So now you have been thinking why you should divide into 4 sections? The answer is simple, finish the dish whichever you like the most!

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