[Fukushima]“Aizu Wakamatsu jou” is the symbol of old Edo age.2013.07.12

“Aizu Wakamatsu jou” is located on Aizu wakamatsu, Fukushima prefecture. This Japanese architecture was built in 1384 by the Ashina family. In 1643, Matsudaira family that is familiar with Tokugawa familiry entered this castle. After the visit of Perry Matthew, admiral of U.S.A, the disturbances of war rose in Japan. In the Boshin War of 1968, samurais of old times gathered at “Aizu Wakamatsu jou” and acted out a life-and-death struggle for a month.

Aizu Wakamatsu jouPhoto by George Olcott
Aizu Wakamatsu jouPhoto by cyber0515

Finally, old samurais were defeated and new age of Meiji started.

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