“Tora-neko”Japanese unique cat2013.07.11

Tora-neko is one of Japanese unique cat. It has usually stripe pattern like a tiger. However, sometimes it has dots, swirling, or lines. All types of cat is called “Tabby cat” in English. There are various kinds of Tora-neko such as classic tabby, ticked tabby, spotted tabby, and so on. It says that most of Tora-neko has M mark on their body. So you can tell it easy.

Tora-nekoPhoto by sabamiso
Tora-nekoPhoto by sakura_chihaya+
Tora-nekoPhoto by yutaka-f

If you are a cat lover, I recommend you to compare Tora-neko and a traditional cat from your country. You might be able to find some interesting aspects through them regarding to Japanese cat.

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