Dorayaki – Doraemon’s favourite.2013.07.05

Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese food that can be described as a dessert sandwich with red bean filling between two slices of pancake.

If you are familiar with Japanese icons or animation, you may know this dessert through the anime character Doraemon. He loves Dorayaki and falls for any trap involving this dessert because he is addicted to it. Dorayaki is a fluffy, sweet dessert that complements green tea very well and it is believed that Dorayaki dates as far back as the 12th century. There are countless varieties and degrees of quality for Dorayaki in Japan – from supermarket brands to long-established confectionary stores.

DorayakiPhoto by akira yamada
DorayakiPhoto by dreamcat115

As Dorayaki is loved by both girls and boys, in 2008, the major Japanese Dorayaki manufacturer (Marukyo) registered the 4th of April (which is between Girl’s day on the 3rd of March and Boy’s day on the 5th of May) as national Dorayaki day. Marukyo believe that eating Dorayaki is sure to bring you lots of happiness!

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