Yu-dofu, hyper-low carb/calorie Japanese delicacy!2013.07.04

Do you know tofu, soybean curd? These days, tofu is attracting western people’s attention because of its low-calorie, low-carbohydrate. And there is a hyper-low carb/calorie delicacy in Japan! Today, we introduce you about it…Yu-dofu.

1. What is tofu?

As introduced above, tofu is soybean curd.
Tofu is indispensable foodstuff for Japanese life-style. In Japan, every food market has tofu. We use tofu in miso soup, Japanese traditional breakfast soup, or surve just cut tofu as “hiyayakko.” Even we use tofu to cook hamburg steak, because tofu makes its texture soft.
In most case, tofu is ate as a side dish or secondary ingredient for the main dish. However, there is a delicacy that having tofu for main ingredient. Yu-dofu.

Yu-dofuPhoto by CHIEN KUANG

2. What is Yu-dofu?

Yu-dofu is a Japanese food made by tofu, tangle weed and water. Ingredients of Yu-dofu is only 3. Of course, recipe for Yu-dofu is very easy. First, lay tangle weed in a pot. Add water to the pot. Put tofu in water, heat it. It is done after tofu is well heated. Heat in water with tangle weed, tofu is made mellow and aromatic. Eat Yu-dofu with some sause like soy sause, ponzu(soy and citrus sause).
Yu-dofu is very traditional cuisine in Japan. Even in a tofu cooking book published 1782, an arranged Yu-dofu is printed.

Yu-dofuPhoto by Jun Seita

3. Some arranged Yu-dofu recipes

Yu-dofu is very simple recipe, however, you can arrange it.
For example, some Japanese-style restaurant use soymilk instead of water. With soymilk, tofu will be more aromatic and tasty.
You can put more ingredients in addition to tofu.
You can add chicken meatloaf, Tsukune. Chicken release soup stock, so tofu will be more tasty(Of corse the chicken meatloaf itself will be tasty).
If you don’t like soy sause, you can use more familiar sause. You can use consomme instead of tangle weed, and you can use mustard instead of soy sause.

Yu-dofuPhoto by CHIEN KUANG

As introduced, Yu-dofu is very easy recipe. Let’s try Japanese traditional cuisine in your kitchen!

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