Okayu: Be gentle to your stomach with Okayu!2013.06.21

Okayu is a Japanese word for rice porridge. It is a simple Japanese food made from rice, water and a little bit of salt (to taste). Since rice is very soft and easy to digest, Okayu is often eaten when a person has a cold or is recovering from being sick.

If you think rice porridge doesn’t sound very appetizing, just think of it as congee or risotto. Okayu is warm, easy to eat, nutritious and usually served with pickles. However, you can add pretty much anything you feel like. As the Japanese like to celebrate New Year with lots of rich food and alcohol, it is tradition to eat Okayu with seven herbs on January 7th. This ritual helps your stomach recover from consecutive feasts and is supposed to bring longevity and health.

OkayuPhoto by yuzuki
OkayuPhoto by Kanko*

You are likely to find Okayu at a hotel’s breakfast buffet in Japan, so don’t be afraid to try it as it is mostly rice and water. Okayu is excellent for your stomach and a great way to prepare for the day ahead.


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