“Aizunuri ware”, the traditional Japanese lacquer ware2013.06.17

Lacquer ware are one of the well-known Japanese cultures and “Aizunuri” is the just one of them.

It is a wood craftword coated with Japanese lacquer. Craftsmen in Aizu, Fukushima prefecture, started to produce “Aizunuri” in the second half of 20th century. This ware was exported to China and the Netherlands in Edo era. The characteristics are black luster and smooth surface, which are produced by means of many technique. For example, “Hananuri” means technique of painting with no polish.

Aizunuri warePhoto by midorisyu
Aizunuri warePhoto by midorisyu

So as to feel familiar with Japanese culture, I recommend for you to use “Aizunuri” bowl in having morning.


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