“Tsuyu”, the Japanese rainy season2013.06.10

Do you know that Japan has rainy season?
Japan is not tropical climate, so it’s not rush of rain.
This rainy season called Tsuyu, it is very important in Japanese climate.

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1. What is Tsuyu?

Tsuyu is the long spell of rainy weather in early summer in Japan.
It starts about the end of May and lasts to the beginning of July.
The rain in this season is not strong. A gentle rain will fall for very often and long. Tsuyu occurs in a limited zone of China and the Korean Peninsula as well.
The word Tsuyu is 梅雨 in kanji. It means the rain of Japanese plum. There are various opinions about the origin of this word. Such as, the rain falls in the season of Japanese plums ripen.

"Tsuyu", the Japanese rainy season

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2. How Japanese people get along with Tsuyu?

In Japanese whather forecast, there is Tsuyu rain front.
You can know which area in Japan has Tsuyu rain now by Tsuyu rain front. One of the good point of Tsuyu is the preparation is easy.
In this season, rain-related goods hit the shelves. You can get some specially pretty umbrella, raincoat, rainshoes. To collect and use rain goods is one of the pleasure of rainy season.
Lull in the Tsuyu rain is called Satsuki-bare. Because of the long rain, bright and clear day seems more beautiful than usual. Enjoying this beautiful wather is one of the pleasure too.

"Tsuyu", the Japanese rainy season


Photo by kimubert


3. How to enjoy this rainy season?

Most Japanese people don’t like rain, because it wet clothes, shoes, loose hairstyle and so on. However, Japanese people love rain on the other hand. Sometimes people say they hate what they really love, and this is a fine example.
Actually, Tsuyu rain makes Japanese scenery beautiful.
Long rain makes the air clear, wet the road and buildings and everything. So the colour of the scenery itself will apear deeply. Some scenery in Tsuyu rain is amazingly pure and beautiful.
Some Japanese photoglapher take picture in rain preferably. Pictures taken in rain has very Japanese atmosphere.
Japanese hydrangea blooms in this season as well.
The colour of this flower is various, but bluish purple is most popular. This color is very suit with Tsuyu rain’s image. Japanese people love this flower.
If you come to Japan in Tsuyu season, please note clear scenery with rain and hydrangea flower.

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