[Tottori] “Tottoi Sakyu” , the biggest sandhill in Japan2013.06.05

“Tottori Sakyu” is Japanese nature spot in Tottori prefecture and is symbol of Tottori. “Sakyu” means a sand hill.

“Tottori Sakyu” measures 2.4 km from north to south, and is 26 km from east to west. It was designated as Natural monument in Japan in 1955. Visitor enjoys beautiful view and some attractions; a paraglider, curising a sand hill on the camel’s back and so on.

If you come to Tottori, why don’t you ride on camel in this sandhill?

Tottoi SakyuPhoto by mizuo_fiat
Tottoi SakyuPhoto by kaidouminato
Tottoi SakyuPhoto by cotaro70s

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