“Umeboshi”, the traditional Japanese pickled plum2013.06.02

Do you know Umeboshi?

I think no Japanese don’t know about Umeboshi. This is one of the most popular food in Japan.
This is a kind of pickles.
Today, we introduce you this famous and traditional Japanese pickles!

1. Why Japanese people eat pickles so usual?

Rice is Japanese staple food, and rice has not so much taste. So Japanese people don’t eat only rice, but with some other dishes. If you have not prepared any dishes, you can eat rice with pickles. The most simple style of Japanese meal is rice and pickles.
Pickles are deeply involved with Japanese people’s food habit. Among a lot of kinds of the pickles, Umeboshi is the most popular one.


Photo by sota-k

2. What is Umeboshi?

Umeboshi is pickle made by an ume, a Japanese plum, with salt. How to cook Umeboshi is very simple, just sprinkle salt on Japanese plum, put stone weight on it and wait few months.
It is really simple pickle, but its taste is not simple. It taste sour, as representative of Japanese sour food. Quite salty, and it has flavor of Japanese plum.
We use Umeboshi just as a side dish, and often used to prevent spoilage.


Photo by Ryosuke Yagi

3. Where can we buy Umeboshi?

If you have a chance to stay at Japanese family, ask them. Almost all Japanese family always have Umeboshi ready.
When you go to supermarket or department store in Japan, you can find Umenoshi at grocery corner.
You can get Umeboshi also by convenience store or luncheon-provider, because Umeboshi used in most Japanese lunch box or rice ball(practically all convenience store in Japan sells rice ball).

Umeboshi is quite salty and sour, so some young Japanese people don’t like it. However, according to the recent report about favorite filling for rice balls, Umeboshi is one of the top 3.
It can say to be the traditional and inherited Japanese food.


Photo by ume-y

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