“Katsura Kogoro” , the peace‐loving samurai2013.05.14

“Katsura Kogoro” was one of the greatest samurai heros in the ancient era called “Tokugawa government”.

His battle skill with Japanese sword,was excellent in his generation. But he didn’t prefers the battle, so he always avoided sword duel and selected to escape. Therefore, he was nicknamed “Kogoro the escape”. For example, when he was confronted with his enemy in Kyoto, he also avoided to battle with his enemy. He continued escaping, and his girlfriend called “Ikumatsu” saved him.

In the meantime, almost all of his comrades who selected to battle when they confronted with their enemies, all of them resulted to die. “Kogoro” continued escaping and hiding in order to survive. Finally, he disappeared from the center stage of history while several years.

He returned as the mediator between two biggest clan confronted with each other, called  “Choshu-han” and “Satsuma-han”.  He brought these clans  to an amicable settlement, and brought down “Edo shogunate”.

In the Meiji era, nobody made fun of “Katsura Kogoro” because of his achievement.

Katsura Kogoro



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