[Hokkaido] “Lake Saroma” , the beautiful lagoon2013.05.12

“Lake Saroma” is beautiful lagoon and located on the north part of Hokkaido. There has a lot of fishery resources and for that reason people gathered around this lake. There exist many historical sites which were made between 3 century BC and 7 century AD. Many fishery resources also help people’s life today. Scallop and Oyster is special product in “Lake Saroma”. And this lake has great spot of experience with Japanese nature of subarctic zone. If you come to “Lake Saroma”, tasting some shellfish and feeling great nature are highly recommended though it is quite far from many Japanese cities. [Hokkaido] “Lake Saroma” , the beautiful lagoon

photo by yoppy

[Hokkaido] “Lake Saroma” , the beautiful lagoon

photo by eutrophication&hypoxia

[Hokkaido] “Lake Saroma” , the beautiful lagoonphoto by hektorg

[Hokkaido] “Lake Saroma” , the beautiful lagoon

photo by joka2000

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