[Tokyo]”Shibuya”, the trendy place for young people2013.05.07

“Shibuya” is one of the most trendy shopping place, nearby Shibuya Station.

This area is also known as one of the most busiest city. Many shopping malls are there which contains many fashion stores particularly for young people.  Three major shopping buildings are called “109” and “Tokyu”, and “Shibuya Hikarie” , which opened in April 2012 and have attracted attention as a multipurpose high-rise tower.

Shibuya is also famous for its scramble crossing in front of the station. Every Sunday about 382,000 pedestrians cross it. A good vantage point is the Starbucks store overlooking the crossing. If you come to Japan, please come to this city!


 photo by sekido


 photo by Zengame


photoby Kabacchi


photo by neyssensas

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