“Temaki-zushi”, the hand-rolled sushi2013.05.04

Temaki-zushi is a form of rolled sushi. It is often used to introduce foreigners to the experience and taste of sushi as well as being easy and fun to make.

In order to make Temaki-zushi, all you need is: seaweed, sushi rice, your preferred fish (raw or cooked) and your vegetables of choice. However, making Temaki-zushi is not limited to these ingredients as anything you think goes well with sushi can be used. When the ingredients are ready, place the seaweed on your hand and put a thin layer of rice on it, then place a layer of your favourite ingredients and roll it into a cone shape. No chopsticks or cutlery needed, once it’s rolled, put it straight into your mouth!

"Temaki-zushi", the hand-rolled sushi

photo by bvalium

Temaki-zushiphoto by tsubasuke5

There are no rules for cooking Temaki-zushi, so please feel free to enjoy creating your own sushi!

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