“Japanese-style gyoza” , the juicy fried dumplings2013.04.30

“Gyoza” is originated in china, and developed in a way unique to Japan.

It is usually served as Yaki-Gyoza which is pan-fried style.Whilst Yaki-Gyoza is usually categorized as entree or something to share in a lot of Japanese restaurants in overseas, it is also common to order as main meal in Japan. When you eat Yaki-Gyoza as a main, you must have a bowl of rice in your hand. Pick it up carefully, dunk in the dipping sauce, then one-bound on the rice and eat it followed by some rice.

gyozaphoto by rhosoi
gyozaphoto by veroyama
gyozaphoto by fhisa

You will soon realize that Yaki-Gyoza is great main meal to go with rice.



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