“Onsen” , the Japanese hot spring resort2013.04.29

Onsen is a term for Hot Springs. Japanese love Onsen and there are more than 20,000 of them in Japan. It is impossible to not consider Onsen when you speak about Japanese culture.

Onsen is one of the most popular resorts for couples, families and corporate groups. Onsen are usually found in the countryside and thus, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and the fresh local produce whilst relaxing in the hot springs. Japanese believe that Onsen not only has healing virtues but also creates a ‘naked communion’ among people.

Onsenphoto by y_katsuuuOnsenphoto by mick62
Onsenphoto by rhosoi

Onsenphoto by sakamencho

Onsen helps people break down barriers, get to know each other better and brings family and friends much closer!

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