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This time,  we’re introduce about rice cake, one of the most important Japanese food.

But what is rice cake?

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1 How to cook rice cake?

Making rice cake is not so difficult, if you can pepare the ingredient. The ingredient is glutinous rice. This rice called Mochi gome in Japanese, the rice for rice cake.
To make rice cake, what you should do is only steaming the glutinous rice and knead it. Kneaded rice, smooth and sticky white rice paste is rice cake. Maybe you think it wouldn’t be delicious, but actually, it’s so tasty

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2 Rice cake is a Japanese food for special day!

It is a Japanese food that has ate at honored occasion or honored day. It was a special food only for honored occasion like the New Year’s party, and no one can eat rice cake at an ordinary day.
Today, you can eat rice cake whenever you like. However, the custom is still remaining. It doesn’t forbidden to eat rice cake at an ordinary day, but most Japanese eat rice cake at only the New Year season.
For example, Kagami mochi, a rice cake shaped like a snowman, is rice cake just for the New Year. It is ornament for the New Year days, and good fare of the end of the New Year days.

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3 However, the processed rice cake is eaten in Japan so often!

We introduced rice cake as occasional food, but the processed rice cake is eaten almost every day.
For example, Senbei or Okaki is very popular salty snack in Japan. It’s cut thin and dried, baked or fried rice cake. Some of them are hard and crunchy, some of them are crispy.

Rice cakephoto by shinji_w

Rice cake is really beloved Japanese food.
If you are concerned with Japanese culture, be sure to eat rice cake!


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