“Sakamoto Ryoma”, the patriotic samurai2013.04.22

“Ryo” means dragon and “ma” means horse. “Sakamoto Ryoma” is sometimes compared to the dragon rushing through heaven and earth.

His achievement for finalizing the Edo shogunate was great. First, He made the two clans “Satsuma-han” and “Choshu-han” form an alliance in order to battle with “Edo Shogunate”. These two were bitter enemies. Second, “Ryoma” founded “Kameyama-syachu” which was the first company in Japan. Finally, “Taisei Houkan” was produced by “Ryoma” which was one of the greatest moments in Japanese history. Supreme samurai ruler “Tokugawa Yoshinobu” presented governance of Japan with Emperor spontaneously.

  “Sakamoto Ryoma” , the patriotic samurai

Sakamoto Ryoma

Photo by ken’s銅像探索日誌

“Sakamoto Ryoma” wished for freedom and dreamed of trading with the countries of the world. But “Edo shogunate” closed Japan to outsiders. For that reason, he tried to reform the regime and nearly finished it. In the end, his dream came true. But, at the same time, assassins visited and killed “Ryoma”. It seems that unfulfilled dream of “Ryoma” still lead Japanese mind.

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