【Fashion】Beautiful Kimono series vol.3 “Kai-oke”2013.04.20

This kimono is designed by “Junsaku Koshihara”, the Japanese Kimono artist.

The title of this kimono is “Kai-oke”, and it means “shells and pails” in Japanese. Shells and pails are designed on the Kimono. This type of kimono is called “Tomesode”. “Tomesode” is the first formal dress of the married woman. They wear it when they attend  the formal parties, such as wedding ceremony.

Please enjoy it’s beautiful photos!

【Fashion】Beautiful Kimono series vol.3 "Kai-oke"


【Fashion】Beautiful Kimono series vol.3 "Kai-oke"


【Fashion】Beautiful Kimono series vol.3 "Kai-oke"【URL】Koshihara kimono kobo



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