“Nanzen-ji”, the highest-rank temple of Japanese Zen-temples2013.04.16

“Nanzen-ji” is located in Sakyo ward, Kyoto prefecture and built by the retired emperor Kameyama in 1291.

This Japanese architecture has an extra status in Japanese Zen temples. Zen was the mysterious technique using so as to prepare mind. Fill Jackson, head coach of Chicago bulls with Michael Jordan, used Zen and was called “Zen master”. In Zen temple, extravagance was looked upon as enemy. Therefore, simple cooking was liked. “Yudoufu”, boiled bean curd, was very healthy and original food of “Nanzen-ji”. Japanese style restaurant around this Zen temple provide “Yudoufu” now.

“Nanzen-ji”, the highest-rank temple of Japanese Zen-temples

“Yudoufu” was highly recommended food with Japanese simplicity.


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