“Wata-gashi”, the Japanese cotton candy2013.04.15

“Matsuri”, festival in Japanese, is essential part of Japanese culture.

And there are some essential foods of festival. To enjoy Japanese festival, you can’t miss these foods.This time, we’ll introduce one of such Japanese desserts, Wata-gashi.?Wata-gashi is candy floss.?It is popular in Western country as well, but there’re some difference between Western and Japan.

1. The color is different!

in Japan, its color is white. We hardly color it with blue or pink. We in Japan know how to color it, but we don’t. Why? There are no study about it, but probably, it because Japanese people preffer natural things than unnatural, especially to eat.

2. The shape is different!

Western candy floss is shaped elliptic or corn-shaped, but Japanese Wata-gashi is shaped more spherical.
And in festival, in most case, it is filled in bag, and the bag is very different. Anime character or famous character(like Hallo Kitty) is printed on Japanese bag for Wata-gashi. It is very Japanese. When you see it in first time, probably you can’t recognize it as candy floss.

3. The grip is different!

Rolled paper used in Western countries as the grip of candy floss.
However, Japanese people use chopsticks as the grip!
In Japan, there are chopsticks made by timber from forest thinning. This type of chopsticks is called 割り箸 Wari-bashi. It is throwaway chopsticks, and it is used for the grip of candy floss as well.

Like thiss, there are some different between Western candy floss and Japanese Wata-gashi.
When you come to Japan and attend Japanese festival, don’t miss to eat Wata-gashi!

photo by?Dick Thomas Johnson’s photostream




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