[Hokkaido]”Shiretoko”, the peninsula designated as World natural heritage site2013.04.08

“Shiretoko” is an east end peninsula of Hokkaido prefecture, which is the northernmost of the four main islands of Japan.

There are volcanic zone at the central part of the peninsula, and the shoreline is sharpened rudely by the restless waves. In addition, drift ice comes this peninsula in winter. Large quantity of marine life are inhabit the sea, for example,planktons, salmons and so on. The salmons goes up in a river of Shiretoko in autumn and lays eggs. Not only maline life but also the carnivorous animals inhabits Shiretoko too, such as a brown bear or the white-tailed sea eagle.These magnificent Nature were rated highly designated as the world natural heritage in 2005.

"Shiretoko", the peninsula designated as World natural heritage site

photo by 知床斜里町観光協会Shiretokophoto by harukasan
Shiretokophoto by harukasan
Shiretokophoto by sendaiblog
Shiretokophoto by hogeasdf

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