How to fully enjoy “Soba”, the Japanese traditional noodle2013.04.07

Soba is one of the most popular noodle in Japan. Soba is traditional Japanese food, and Japanese people eat it on a daily basis.

Of course, you can cook it by youself. But if you want to fully enjoy Soba, you have to prepare goods exclusive use to eat Soba.
What is that?

?How to fully enjoy "Soba", the Japanese traditional noodle

Eating style of Soba

At first, we’ll introduce the eating style of Soba.
Most popular style of eating Soba is very simple. Just boil Soba few minutes and prepare soba soup, dip boiled Soba into soba soup and eat.
However, to enjoy this style of Soba, you have to prepare some goods.

Sobaphoto by amika_san

Which goods you should prepare?

To fully enjoy Soba, you have to prepare some goods exxclusive use to eat Soba.
That are plate, 徳利 Tokkuri(sake bottle) for Soba, 猪口 Choko(sake cup) for Soba.
Sake bottle and cup for Soba is little bit different from those for Sake.
They are shorter and wider than usual one.
But you can use usual one as a substitute for Soba.
However, you can’t use usual plate as Soba plate. Soba plate is a plate which spreaded bamboo blind in the bottom. It is only use for Soba.

Sobaphoto by shibainu

You can eat Soba with usual plate, cup and bottle, but if you prepare these goods, you can lose yourself in happiness to eat Soba.
If you visit to Soba specialty restaurant(there are so many Soba specialty restaurant in Japan), you can enjoy it very easy than prepare by yourself.

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