“Taco rice”, the unique Japanese food from Okinawa prefecture2013.04.01

“Taco rice” is originally from the South of Japan, Okinawa prefecture.

The idea was from “Tacos”, Mexican food. The ingredients are ground meat (beef), onion, chili powder, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa. Cook onion and ground meat until brown, put some salt and pepper, and chili powder. It is called “Taco meat”. You can put other ingredients such as green pepper, garlic, or other seasonings. Put taco meat over the steamed white rice, and put cheese, shredded lettuce, cut tomatoes. Serve with hot salsa sauce if you prefer it hot, if not, you can use mild salsa sauce.

“Taco rice”, the unique Japanese food from Okinawa prefecture

You can get these ingredients everywhere and easy to cook. Therefore, why don’t you make your own Taco rice?


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