“Kara-age”, the Japanese fried chicken2013.03.29

Have you ever had Kara-age? This time, I’ll tell you how to cook it.

Ingredients are Chicken thigh, about three tablespoonfuls of soy sauce and Japanese rice wine, garlic, ginger, bread crumbs, dogtooth violet starch, marinade, pepper.

1:Coat the chicken with a few salt, and leave it for several minutes.

2:Meanwhile, grate garlic and ginger and mix it with soy sauce, and Japanese rice wine.

3:If water exudes from meat, please wipe it with kitchen paper. Then soak chicken into marinade for 30 minutes ~ 1hour.

Then, coat the chicken with bread crumbs?and fry it for about two minutes.If you wants to make spicy flavor, powder some pepper !

"Kara-age", the Japanese fried chicken

If you follow this recipe, you can cook Kara-age ! Please try!

Photo by Photo chips


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