“Yakitori”, the Japanese grilled chicken on a skewer2013.03.28

“Yakitori” is one of the Japanese food.

“Yaki” means grill and “tori” means chicken. It is usually used chicken but you can use other meat, such as pork or beef. It can be eaten with rice as a meal or with a drink (alcohol) as a snack. The recipe is very simple. You just cut (thighs or breasts) chicken into bite-size pieces and skewer and cook it. I recommend you to grill it as BBQ over charcoal. Eat with salt or dip with Yakitori sauce. You can marinate it with Yakitori sauce before cook. Teriyaki sauce can be substituted.

“Yakitori”, the Japanese grilled chicken on a skewer

Why don’t you try to add Yakitori when you do BBQ?


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