“Gion Shirakawa”, the cherry blossom viewing spot of Kyoto2013.03.28

You can see the MOST beautiful cherry-blossom here!

"Gion Shirakawa", the cherry blossom viewing spot of Kyoto

Gion Shirakawa is one of the hotest spot for Japan tourism, especially on spring!

Why? Because, it is very beautiful spot with cherry-blossom.

This time, we’ll introduce how to fully enjoy Gion Shirakawa!

1. Take a walk on Gion Shirakawa

Gion Shirakawa is the beautiful street near by Shirakawa stream. There are so many tradittional Japanese architectures, and of course, the cherry-blossom.
To enjoy this spot, take a walk is the best way!
You can enjoy walking on daytime. And on this season, there is illumination of cherry-blossom on night! It is very romantic and fantastic.

2. Go to the restaurant

There are many traditional architectures on Gion Shirakawa, and some of them are the restaurant!
You can enjoy your lunch or dinner while listening murmuring of Shirakawa stream, viewing cherry-blossom.

3. Witness Geisha!

Gion Shirakawa is the Geisha quarter. Actually, witness real Geisha and Maiko(Maiko is apprentice of Geisha. They dress more gorgeous than Geisha) on street is very difficult. Even people living in Kyoto, witness them only a few times.
But Gion Shirakawa is the Geisha quarter!
If you are luckey, you can witness the real Geisha and Maiko!
They walk very fast, so keep a watchful eye!
Of course, you can enjoy Gion Shirakawa all season.
On summer, willow is beautiful and refreshing. On autumn, Japanese bush clover(It is the synonym for Japanese autumn). Red leaves are also fantastic on autumn. On winter, the water in Shirakawa stream is clearler than other season. You can enjoy snow as well.

When you have Japan travel, never miss Gion Shirakawa!

photo by?祇園白川宵桜ライトアップ


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