“Sukiyaki”, the Japanese beef hot pot2013.03.25

“Sukiyaki” is one of the Japanese “Nabe-Ryori”. ?It is more often eaten in winter. It is made in a pot and surrounded by people, and dip into a raw egg to eat.

It is stewed with soy sauce, sugar, and other seasonings, and put some ingredients such as sliced beef, Chinese cabbage, shirataki, white onion, tofu, and shitake. However, I don’t recommend you to eat the raw egg if you are out of Japan since it is usually not as fresh as the one in Japan. Therefore, you can soft-boiled an egg or pour it over the ingredients in the pot to cook together. If you would like to try Sukiyaki in abroad, make sure that you go to a Japanese restaurant by a Japanese owner.

“Sukiyaki”, the Japanese beef hot pot

Ingredients are different according to each areas. Why don’t you try to make your own Sukiyaki like putting potatoes and bean sprouts in it if you are not able to find ingredients above?


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