“Takasugi Shinsaku” , the Japanese revolutionist2013.03.24

“Takasugi Shinsaku” was born in 1939 in Yamaguchi prefecture which was called “Cho-shu han” then.

“Cho-shu han” was the top promoter of dispersing foreign ships and people. This movement didn’t agree with the policy of Edo shogunate. For that reason, “Cho-shu han” was attacked by the allied forces. Leading members of “Cho-shu han” were about to surrender. At that time, “Shinsaku” rose to action with only 30 samurai. This small rebel army continued to win lightning wars and consequently drove “Cho-shu han” to take up arms against Edo shogunate.

“Takasugi Shinsaku” , the Japanese revolutionist

“Shiba Ryotaro”, novelist in Japanese history, called him revolutionist with high respect.


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