【How to cook Shabu-Shabu, the gorgeous and healthy Japanese food】2013.03.22

Shabu-Shabu is one of the most gorgeous and healthy Japanese food.

Do you know why this food ?is “gorgeous and healthy”?
Now, we’ll introduce about Shabu-Shabu.

【How to cook Shabu-Shabu, the gorgeous and healthy Japanese food】

1. What is Shabu-Shabu?

Shabu-Shabu is one of the most popular banquet of Japan.
Dip the extremely thin sliced meat into hot Dashi(Japanese soup stock) few times to heat, eat it with Ponzu sause(Japanese sauce made of soy sauce and citrus juice) or sesame sause.
Boiled meat drained fat out, so you can enjoy Shabu-Shabu as very healty Japanese cuisine.

2. How to cook Shabu-Shabu?

Well, we introduced Shabu-Shabu as healthy food, but not as gorgeous food.
Why it is gourgeous?
It because, you have to prepare superlative quality meat, which can eat raw.

Usually, we use beef for Shabu-Shabu, but there are many kind of Shabu-Shabu.
Shabu-Shabu with pork is called “豚しゃぶ Pork Shabu-Shabu.” You can also use Shabu-Shabu seafoods as globefish(this fish is very popular in Japan as high-quality fish) or crab.

After you get high-quality materials, cook Shabu-Shabu is very easy.
Just slice them thin and prepare Dashi. Heating materials is one of the pleasures of eating Shabu-Shabu, so you shouldn’t heat it when preparing.

3. Where can we enjoy Shabu-Shabu?

Shabu-Shabu is very popular Japanese food, so you can enjoy it everywhere in Japan.
And you can enjoy novel type of Shabu-Shabu as local delicacy.
When you visit location famous for beef, pork or seafood, you can find
For example, you can enjoy Pork Shabu-Shabu at Kagoshima, because pork of Kagoshima is very famous.


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