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“Oden”, the Japanese home cooking2013.03.21

“Oden” is one of ?the traditional Japanese ?foods.

Oden is often eaten in winter. It is very popular food for Japanese. We can buy “Oden” at a convenience store today, like a fast food.??Although it was originally eaten with dipping miso in Edo era (1603-1868), ?recipe had been changed from that. It needs to be stewed daikon (radish), chikuwa (fish cake), yude-tamago (boiled egg), and other ingredients with soy sauce and broth for a long time. Oden has different flavor by a recipe and is characterized by areas. You can put any ingredients such as pork, carrots, sausages, or tomatoes.

“Oden”, the Japanese home cooking

I recommend you to try to make your original Oden with your favorite ingredients to find your favorite flavor!


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